Pastor Rhonda Guiles Davis Bio

Growing up in a pastor’s home, Rhonda Davis learned and experienced the move of God from a very young age.  At the age of sixteen, she and her family moved to southern California, where she met and married Hank Davis.  Hank, a successful building contractor at that time, became addicted to cocaine and within a short sixteen months Rhonda watched as their business and their marriage quickly crumbled.  

During three years of complete separation, Hank accepted the Lord and a call to the ministry while Rhonda, now living across the nation, was experiencing a miraculous healing of her emotions.  Later, in a revival in which Hank was preaching in northern Georgia, God did the impossible and reunited he and Rhonda and restored their marriage. 

Continuing with their thriving evangelistic ministry and renewed relationship, God blessed Hank and Rhonda with a baby girl whom they named Courtney. However, there were severe physical complications.  The doctor’s reports stated that Courtney had a heart disease which would be debilitating for the completion of her limited eight to ten years of life.  Just nine short weeks after birth, weighing only twelve pounds, Courtney underwent open heart surgery in an attempt to somehow correct her condition.  The surgery, considered by the medical team to be successful, left Hank and Rhonda with the hope of only a matter of years to enjoy their daughter before she would suffer a premature death.  Receiving reports of Courtney being required to ingest mega-doses of medication and never being able to have a normal, active childhood, Hank and Rhonda continued to believe in God as a healer for their little girl, just as He was for their marriage.  Now, seventeen years later, Courtney has lived her life medication free with no limitations whatsoever!  Her bodily condition has amazed the doctors and she stands as another restorative miracle in the life of the Davis family.  In addition, God has blessed the Davis household with yet another beautiful baby girl, Christine, born to them December 2000.

 Now, along with her husband, Rhonda co-pastors Church of the Harvest in Cleveland, Tennessee, operates as the Ladies Ministries Director; Worship and Arts Department Director; and founder of the Hadassah School of Ministry.  Internationally, Rhonda has become a highly requested conference speaker and preacher of the Word.  Her speaking engagements across the nations have included Lamar Boschman’s International Worship Conference; keynote speaker at several Church of God and Church of God of Prophecy International Women’s Conferences; and several appearances with Marcus & Joni Lamb on Daystar TV in Dallas, Texas.  Rhonda is presently traveling frequently conducting conferences and crusades across this nation and internationally. 

Rhonda Davis will share a message from the Lord which will challenge and draw you into a closer relationship with Him. Her testimony of the restoration and healing power of God in her life, marriage and family brings a renewed confidence and trust in Him.  Ministering through her own experiences, Rhonda speaks with an authority that grips the heart of those who hear as she relates the message of peace, power and unsurpassed love of Jesus.  Lives and relationships have literally been transformed as they are quickened by the life-changing message of hope in Christ.  You will be richly blessed by the ministry of Rhonda Guiles-Davis.