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Queen for a Day

Queen for a Day (April 03, 2004)

In 1992, I asked the Lord to show me how we, the body of Christ, could show women how beautiful they are to God.  I was ready to do whatever it took.  How could we reach the poverty-stricken, broken-hearted, abandoned, handicapped, terminally ill, and hurting women of this region to remind them of their worth to a Heavenly Father?  His answer…. “Queen for a Day”

For the last decade, we have been bringing women in for “Queen for a Day”, a day to honor them as women, as mommies, and most of all as daughters of the King.  Through a day of beauty make-overs, catered luncheon, new outfits, dramatic presentations of the gospel, special mementos, and a glamour photo, and the one-on-one attention, we strive to remind each and every woman of the purpose and plan that God has for them.  It is a day for them to forget the cares of this world. It is a day for them to have words of life spoken into them.  It is a day for them to see and know the heart of God.  Furthermore, it is a day for us to be the hands, feet and voice of their loving Father. 

Over the years, we have seen hundreds of women and children touched and changed by this event.  My heart and vision is that churches across this nation would take this idea and reach the women in their community.  Please join with us in prayer and support as together we change our world.Because I believe in this ministry so much and have witnessed first hand the life-changing impact it has, we have developed a manual to help others in starting their own “Queen for a Day”.  The resource will take you step-by-step through the entire process including committee information, theme suggestions, sample forms, helpful hints, and much, much more.

  ~ Pastor Rhonda

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