Arts and Drama

Drama is yet another means to effectively communicate the Word of God.  We must find creative and innovative ways to make the gospel real, genuine, and tangible to everyone inside and outside the church walls. Jesus often used parables to get His point across.  In the same way, the ministry of drama has become an effective tool to reach all walks of life.

God has given Pastor Rhonda an incredible gifting to write dramas…from humorous to heart-wrenching… real-life scenarios sharing real messages for real people."if you would like to find out more about these and other dramas, (click on each drama for more details)

  1. A Bridge
  2. A Push Forward
  3. Armed and Dangerous
  4. Let’s Make a Dream
  5. Not What I Ordered
  6. Heritage Redeemer
  7. Sandcastle Dreams
  8. Take Another Look
  9. The Road Less Traveled
  10. The Want Ads
  11. Yes! I Want Her